Out of hundreds of posts on REMODELING’s Facebook page in 2012, it was photos, videos, and our own editors that you liked the most. Color us grateful! We sure do like you all, too. One thing Facebook Page owners should learn from this list is that it's not always self-promotion that earns the most attention in social media. Thanks for following us on Facebook in 2012. Looking forward to even more interaction in the New Year!

In the meantime, catch up on some of the most popular posts of the year:

15. (Mostly) Family Photo The Remodeling staff at Starbucks — fueling up for the next issue.

14. Best Training Manual All you need to know about making repairs. Simple as that!

13.One Thumbs Up

Facebook tip from a social media expert: during a sales call, ask homeowners to “like” your company page. For more tips, stay tuned for our July feature story on social media.

12.Memorable Advice

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help other people get what they want.” This says a lot about what remodelers do every day. What are your favorite Zig Ziglar quotes?

11.Video Inspiration

If you haven’t already seen this neat video that shows the piano stairs in action, take a look. It’s a good reminder about the value of thinking creatively, not just analytically.

10.Marketing That Works

Gayler Construction’s recent newsletter included a list of projects and the time it took to complete them. Great way to educate clients and debunk the HGTV-created myth of 30-minute projects!

9. Silly, But Sobering It doesn’t get much more blunt than this. Do you have a company policy about using phones while driving?

8.Disaster Recovery

From the Gulf Coast to the Ohio River Valley, our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Friday’s tornadoes. Wishing you smooth and safe cleanup efforts, and helpfulness among neighbors.

7.Don’t Forget to Smile

What’s the most important thing to take with you for your first meeting with a client? A smile and a positive attitude, says a Wisconsin remodeler. If you’re in a rush or hurried, pause for a few minutes to center yourself before you knock on the door so you can focus on making the experience fun.

6.National Recognition

Bloomberg Businessweek interviewed editorial director Sal Alfano and other remodeling and design experts for an article about universal design and the Home for Life. Check it out!

5.The Bermuda Triangle

Some architect/client humor from Nora Ephron. Remember the second reference? “... And could the whole front of the house open up on one great big hinge, and that way I can just get in with a garage door opener?”

4. Color Theories Representatives from Sherwin-Williams met with Hanley Wood editors in May. In addition to details on a new no-VOC colorant system, the brand gave us a sneak preview of their ColorMix 2013 color forecast. Take a look!

3.Going Batty

Always pays to have your smartphone handy. This Miami roofing crew started their tear-off and got a big surprise.

2. Photo Op 2012 Remodeling Leadership Conference

1.A little love for our readers

As always, our staff is wrapping up this week working on stories for our upcoming issues. We want to take this opportunity to say how lucky we are to have some of the brightest, most creative, well-spoken readers in the world! You ladies and gents are the resources we turn to for all of our articles from business management to construction tips and creative problem-solving. Thank you for always being so willing to share your experiences, tips, tricks, and lessons learned. We love our readers!