Ever wonder if mobile apps could help you do your job better? Time tracking provider T Sheets reviewed almost 100 apps with experts from a wide range of construction companies to choose a winner and runner-up in each category, based on:

  • How good they are at solving specific problems for construction workers
  • How easy they are to use
  • The number of users each app has
  • The number of integrations each app has
  • The quality of each app's customer service
  • The previous track record of each app developer
  • Their average ratings in the Apple App store and Google Play store
  • Additional ratings and reviews in the press and on other websites.

The selected apps are able to accomplish everything from bidding to time tracking to calculations and measurements for contractors and mobile workers.

Here are the first five apps reviewed by T Sheets:

  1. Best App for Safety: SafeSite
  2. Best App for Estimates and Bids: JobFLEX
  3. Best App for Calculations and Measurement: Construction Master Pro
  4. Best App for Time Tracking and Schedule: Sheets
  5. Best App for Photo Annotation: Photo Measures

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