As the popularity of composite and PVC exterior trim continues to rise, adhesives manufacturers are taking the hint. Multiple new adhesives are available designed specifically for use with cellular PVC trim, thanks to their abilities to properly adhere to plastics and withstand extreme temperatures. Additionally, a number of PVC trim manufacturers have developed their own collections of installation adhesives and cements. Here’s a rundown of what to look for come your next PVC trim installation. Don’t see your brand here? Confirm with the trim manufacturer what they recommend for installation.

—Lauren Hunter, associate editor, REMODELING.

A Bonding Moment

Different adhesives exist for PVC, drywall, kitchen and bath, and other uses for a reason: they work differently. Versatex president John Pace offers the following notes about adhesives for cellular PVC.

  • Bonding two pieces of cellular PVC typically requires a low-level chemical reaction that generates heat to fuse the boards. This reaction occurs in the presence of a solvent, so most PVC adhesives will be solvent-based.
  • Water-based PVC cements offer a longer working time, are odorless, and clean up with water, but may take longer to cure — especially in laminating situations — since cellular PVC is impervious to water.

If a structural adhesive is required, most cellular PVC manufacturers recommend methacrylate adhesives, which offer high tensile, shear, and peel strengths as well as stress and impact resistance. Methacryltes are two-component reactive products, and can generally be used without surface preparation when joining plastics, metals, or composites.

Azek Adhesive

  • Specifically designed for Azek-to-Azek joints for both the brand’s trim and molding lines.
  • Joints become as strong as the material itself after 24 hours of curing
  • Provides 6 to 10 minutes of working time
  • UV-stable, nontoxic, and odorless

Azek 877.275.2935

Kleer Cellular PVC Cement

  • Specifically designed for PVC trim installations
  • Color-matched to Kleer boards
  • Product line also includes sealant and adhesives for laminating and filling gaps and nail holes

Kleer 866.553.3770

TeQ Mount

  • Part of a five-product TrimTeQ system that lets users secure trim, finish scarp and miter joints, seal out moisture, and more
  • “Fast grab” formula lends an extra set of hands during installation
  • Expansion of the adhesive means users can fasten up to twice as much trim compared with other products
  • Water- and weatherproof, cures in 24 hours

Henkel 800.624.7767

Versatex Fill & Fasten

  • Series of slow- and fast-cure and laminating-grade adhesives and cements designed to bond Versatex boards to each other and to certain substrates
  • Color-matched to Versatex trim boards
  • Can be used to fill gaps and nail holes
  • Paintable

Versatex 724.857.1111