Ideal for homeowners with loads of dishes or those graced with small kitchens, the new Briva unit from KitchenAid combines a sink and dishwasher into one unit, saving space and adding versatility.

The dishwasher sink looks like a normal double sink, with a 10-inch-deep bowl on one side. The other side of the unit is 14 inches deep and houses a top-loading dishwasher with space for up to five place settings. The dishwasher offers many of the perks of a full-size unit, including Whisper Quiet sound insulation and Flash Dry Instant Drying. Specialty cycles include a two-minute rinse-only cycle, a sanitizing option with optional dedicated water heater, and a 30-minute Pots and Pans Cycle.

The unit, which fits into a 42- or 48-inch cabinet, remains hidden under a stainless steel cutting board and controls are concealed underneath the lip. The dishwasher rack and spray arm are removable so that the second bowl can be used normally.

The Briva is available on a limited basis this summer and will be rolled out fully next year. For more information, visit