Remodeler: Dan Cohen

Company: Creative Spaces, Oakland, Calif.

Product: Airsled Inc.'s Airsled,

Remodeler Dan Cohen's crews have been moving heavy appliances with ease for the past year and a half, ever since Cohen discovered Airsled low-pressure air film appliance movers. An appliance positioned on top of the mover is lifted on a micro-thin cushion of air that makes it easier to move the appliance through finished rooms and maneuver it into tight spots.

“It's like a magic carpet,” Cohen says. “It's helpful when you have to place a heavy item in spaces where there's no room for a worker to stand.”

Airsled appliance movers reduce the push-pull force of a load to 1% of its weight, allowing loads as heavy as 970 pounds to be moved with minimal effort.

courtesy Airsled