With rising popularity of clean eating, farm-to-table dining, and organic and local foods, the fact that home food gardening is on the rise is no surprise. According to a 2014 National Gardening Association (NGA) report, the number of Americans growing their own food at home or in community gardens totaled 42 million households in 2013. The fastest-growing food gardening demographic is (surprise!) millennials, which rose by 63% between 2008 and 2013 to 13 million. Millennials also doubled their spending on food gardening in the same time period, rising to $1.2 million in 2013.

In all, NGA says just over a third of households (35%) grow at least some of their own food with 76% of them growing vegetables. This Washington Post article has tips for storing a variety of produce (keep carrots cold, cucumbers not so cold, and the potatoes away from the onions). And if home gardeners are on your client list, here are a few products on the market that can help them cultivate and store all that fresh and flavorful food.

Countertop Composting
When home cooks are ready to prep their fruits, veggies, and herbs, Blanco's Solon undercounter compost system makes it easy to separate food waste. Two models are available for flush-mount installation into granite countertops, or for drop-in installation overlaying the work surface. The system features a stylish lid that keeps odors from escaping, and the frame, lid, and canister are made of dishwasher safe, high-grade stainless steel. blancoamerica.com

Cold Storage
Four doors and three cooling zones help ensure refrigerated foods are held at the right temperatures. The Distinctive 36-inch Four Door French Door Refrigerator from Dacor also features BlueV lights to help preserve the freshness and vitamins of fruits and vegetables, while FrostWhite LED lighting illuminates everything in the fridge. Other features include digital touch controls on the external panel, ice and water through the door, rapid cooling and quick-freeze capabilities, and humidity-controlled shelves. dacor.com

Garden Gear Corral
Organized Living's freedomRail product line isn't just for closets. Outfit the garage with rails and shelves for heavy-duty storage needs like gardening equipment. The cabinetry, shelving, work surfaces, and accessories feature a durable epoxy powder coating and comprise 30% more steel than some other garage shelving options. Patented installation hardware allows users to store up to 500 pounds every 40 inches. organizedliving.com

Very Vintage
For homeowners going back to their roots - literally and figuratively - with home gardening, perhaps their storage solutions should do the same. Design and accent options from Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry allow for the creation of standalone furniture, such as this Pie Safe with punched tin inserts. Originally used in the 18th and 19th centuries to store perishable foods before the advent of the icebox, pie safes kept pests out while allowing air to circulate to reduce the incidence of mold. Even if home cooks don't plan to keep their baked goods in a pie safe (potatoes would like it here too), the vintage design adds a charming touch in the kitchen. plainfancycabinetry.com

Useful Baskets
Woven organizer pull-out baskets from Rev-A-Shelf bring a natural look to the kitchen or pantry, and allow for air flow around the produce they store. This is important for fruits and vegetables that produce ethylene gas as they ripen. If contained, the gas can speed the ripening process to the point of spoilage if left unchecked. Rev-a-Shelf's woven baskets are available in a variety of sizes to fit a numerous installations. rev-a-shelf.com