With high rates of word-of-mouth advertising, remodelers know there's no bigger billboard than the good work your company performs. But what if the products you use could serve as an actual billboard on your jobsites?

MFM Building Products has announced an Underlayment Co-Branding program to help customers gain better market visibility. The program includes MFM's high-temperature roofing underlayments Wind & Water Seal and Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal. While the self-adhered underlayments are exposed on the roof, passersby will see the MFM logo and product name, along with the remodeler's logo and contact information custom-printed on the material. Customized technical data sheets and special carton stickers are also part of the package. As a co-branded program, MFM carries the product warranty and all product is shipped in MFM cartons.

To participate in the co-branding effort, "there is a commitment needed from the customer, but it does not include a premium on the product price," says MFM sales and marketing director Tony Reis. Instead, customers are responsible for the one-time cost of creating the printing die and must purchase the materials in what MFM calls "very reasonable" quantities. The die can be customized with everything from logos to email addresses, to lay lines for installation.

The company's product marketing manager David Delcoma says that the program's successful pilot period since fall of 2013 prompted MFM to move forward with the co-branding initiative. Only about one-third of customers who have taken advantage of the program were existing MFM customers, while the rest were new to the materials. Delcoma says that MFM can give new customers an opportunity to test the materials first before investing in the co-branding program. Pros interested in the opportunity can reach out to their local MFM distributor for more details.

MFM Wind & Water Seal and Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal are self-adhering, polymer film surface underlayments laminated to a high-temperature adhesive system rate to 250F. Each product is designed for use under most roofing systems, including metal panels where high heat is generated. Each 2-square roll measures 36 inches wide and 67 feet long. MFM Wind & Water Seal is 40 mil thick, while Ultra HT is 45 mil. Ultra HT has also recently received Miami-Dade County approval.