Abatron. Use Aboweld 55-22 wherever a strong bond or patch is needed. The epoxy adhesive gel bonds tovirtually all rigid surfaces -- stone, wood, metal, and more. When cured, thegel, which can be used at any thickness, becomes hard and translucentand resists sagging and shrinkage. Containing no VOCs, the gel is a mixof two parts resin and one part hardener. 800.445.1754. www.abatron.com.

Emecole. To repair cracks in poured concrete without the labor hours and callbacks associatedwith traditional methods, try the Crack-Injection Repair Kit. In a two-step process, an epoxy surface paste is first applied to the outsideof the crack. Once dry, contractors use the patented “Jake gun” topump a liquid polyurethane or epoxy into the crack through injectionports, sealing it from the inside. Suitable for repairing poured-wall foundations, slabs, concreteswimming pool walls, and more. 800.844.2713. www.emecole.com.

Henkel. The innovative polyurethane technology in Loctite Sumo Glue sets three times faster than traditional polyurethane glues and offers superiorbonding strength with less foaming. Fully curing in 24 hours, the gluesets in 30 minutes on porous surfaces and in 90 minutes on nonporous surfaces, reducingclamp times and helping finish projects faster. The waterproofformula works on wood, ceramic, stone, concrete, metal, and more, and itcan be sanded, painted, and stained. Minimal foaming means less mess and smootherapplication. 440.937.7000. www.henkelca.com.

Geocel. Available in 20 new colors specifically designed for metal and copper roofs, Geocel 2300 Tripolymer Sealant adheres to bare, rusted, or painted metals. Benefits include UV resistance, exceptionalelongation and flexibility, and cold-temperature application. Colorsinclude copper and silver metallics. 800.348.7615. www.geocelusa.com.

Research Plastic. Identify manufacturers using self-burping caulking tubes by looking for four telltale ridges at the back of the tube. These self-sealingvents allow air to escape. Less air in the tube means a smoother application. Manufacturersalready incorporating this technology include Permachink, FlameTech, and Quickrete. 877.990.9917. www.researchplastic.com.

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