HydraFlex Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Membrane is a mold- and mildew-resistant membrane suitable for use on walls, floors, and ceilings. Tile-ready two to three hours after application, the membrane can also be used over green concrete that is only three days old, which allows users to cut substantial time off the normal waiting period for tile installation to begin, the maker says. 800.832.9002. www.tecspecialty.com.

OSI Sealants.
Polyseamseal All-Purpose Adhesive Caulk now comes in “The Mini,” a 4-ounce resealable tube that's easy to keep handy for quick fixes. It creates a flexible, water-resistant seal that is guaranteed not to crack or peel when cured, the maker says. The caulk can be used in a variety of applications, such as setting sinks, gluing loose tiles, and repairing cracks in plaster and drywall. 888.445.0208. www.polyseamseal.com.

Do It Clear is an acrylic latex caulk that cures clear. It boasts a watertight seal and superior flexibility, as well as UV- and mildew-resistance. The caulk can be used to seal around tubs and showers, windows and doors, sinks, and other applications. The company now also offers color-matching with its traditional vinyl adhesive caulk. 800.343.4963. www.phenoseal.com.

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Engineered to accommodate natural house movement, Big Stretch water-based caulking stretches over 500% and can span gaps up to 2 inches wide. Available in nine colors, the caulking can be used to seal windows, doors, siding, vents, soffits, eaves, and baseboards and adheres to most building materials. 800.289.7290. www.sashcosealants.com.

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From file "120_rms" entitled "pCaulk/First4.qxd" page 01

DAPtex Plus Window & Door Foam Sealant promises to perform as well as polyurethane foam without the application hassles. The latex-based sealant washes off skin and surfaces with soap and water and doesn't over-expand. It meets the American Architectural Manufacturers Association standards for air and water resistance and is easy to work with, says the maker. 888.327.8477. www.dap.com.

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