The Verge recently obtained a letter from Nest's new CEO Marwan Fawaz to the company's employees detailing new products coming soon, but the media site redacted the specific products. Tech Insider did a bit of digging and now says 'sources familiar with Nest's product roadmap' are spilling the beans on the products.

From what writer Steve Kovach has learned, Nest plans to release an outdoor version of its camera and various new colors of its learning thermostat:

The new outdoor Nest Cam will be more rugged and designed to withstand the elements. We're told that it looks "sleek" and that it'll come in white. It'll also have a power cord, which means you won't have to worry about batteries the way you do with competing outdoor webcams like Netgear's Arlo.

As for the new thermostat colors, we're told that the changes will be "tasteful" with accents along the trim.

Tech Insider is also starting the rumor mill for Nest's 2017 product reveals, which could possibly include a home security system. 'That's a good guess,' and 'would make a lot of sense' is what Kovach's source replied when the writer inquired about it.

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