With Spring around the corner, now is a good time to consider how top pros reduce time and money on the activity that starts and finishes nearly every project.

We’re talking cleaning, of course. Today even that world is subject to rapid transformation.

And why not? Remodeling pros are used to constant upgrades in building materials and power tools. Even hand tools are continuously tweaked for performance, endurance, and convenience.

So, what’s the buzz on Mops 2.0? What’s the latest in next-gen trash bags?

Just ask Rodes Bazzel and Lance Allen. They’re the team in charge of The Home Depot’s fast-growing cleaning supplies area. The pair is all about saving pros cleaning time and money. Here’s their quick take at what’s new and hot in the pro cleaning aisle:

Think Wholesale

“You can buy a spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner in any discount or grocery store for several dollars,” Bazzel says. “Or a pro can buy a gallon of concentrate and get the same result for pennies on the dollar. A lot of pros like that idea. Plus a gallon of concentrate travels well in the back of a truck.”

Mop, Reinvented

On the topic of innovation, Allen likes to cite the Maximizer Looped-End Mop from Rubbermaid Commercial as how an everyday product can be transformed.

“It’s a mop with a built-in netting that increases floor coverage by 30 percent. More coverage means less mopping. It’s also 25 percent lighter which means less fatigue and greater productivity. It’s been a big hit with pro customers,” Allen explains.

Broom’s Broom

Even the standard push-broom has been given a transformative make-over. Allen points to the “Quickie” Jobsite 24-inch Multi-Surface Fiberglass Push Broom. “We’ve switched a lot of our push brooms over to fiberglass now, so they’re lighter and stronger. This update has come just over the last year and a half. It’s a big change for the better.” Broom buyers seem to agree: The “Quickie” Jobsite 24-inch Multi-Surface Fiberglass Push Broom carries a five-star rating (99 customer reviews) on The Home Depot website.

Super Trash Bag

The lowly trash bag has also been reengineered. One product is so stout, it can be reused up to five times and safely holds up to 110 pounds of cement chunks, plaster dust, or even nail-embedded wood according to Allen. This 42-gallon do-it-all wonder is the Contractor Trash Bag from Demobags. Just how much punishment can they take? One online reviewer said he “drug a bag with 230-pounds of tiles a few hundred feet to my trailer.” Imagine doing that with another plastic trash bag.

Straight Talk

With so many cleaning options, one might ask, “What’s best for my project?” For Bazzel and Allen, the answer is easy: The go-to resource is your Home Depot Pro Desk.

“Pros learn from pros,” Allen observes. “Our associates are the link between them. We work hard to earn the pro’s trust by sharing only the best advice.”

To learn more about saving cleaning time and money, check this out.