Zenbo is Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Asus's newly unveiled robot butler on wheels that can serve as a smart home hub and has an "emotive, cartoon face."

"Primarily, Zenbo is like a tablet on wheels," BUILDER's Kayla Devon notes. "It’s a small robot, about the height of the average consumer’s knees, with a ball-shaped base and a touchscreen that extends up like a face. Zenbo rolls around the house, listens to voice commands, talks to people, and connects to various devices like thermostats and lights. It even has an emotive face that could help it become just another member of the family."

At $599, Zenbo is an affordable option for homeowners looking for a more interactive smart home option--or a butler. Have a client with kids? Zenbo can read stories and play games.

"Jonney Shih, Asus chairman, suggests Zenbo can do something for everyone, such as reading off recipes to the cook in the family, reading books and playing games to kids, and monitoring for emergencies. For example, if someone has fallen, Zenbo sends caretakers a message on their smartphones, from which people can remote into the robot to find out what’s happening. All of these features are shown in the 11-minute promotional video the company released."

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