Connor & Co.
Big50 1990

I have five resolutions for this year:

  • Execute fully the 2008 marketing plan by December 31, 2008.
  • Get all users of the estimating system consistent and ongoing support so that the maxim “all estimates computerized and in the system by January 1” lives and is upheld.
  • Install tile (that is purchased and sitting in the corner) in the vestibule of the office.
  • Finish the landscaping at the office in the spring/summer of this upcoming year.
  • “Celebrate and Appreciate” (one of four major strategic initiatives in 2007 that focuses on our employees and subcontractors) more than we did in 2007.

Jackson Remodeling
Big50 2006

Our New Year's resolution for 2008 is: Grow greener.

We have decided to make certain healthy, efficient, and sustainable choices standard rather than optional.

Three years ago we switched from burning diesel to biodiesel in our trucks. Two years ago we stopped taking our debris to the dump, instead opting every time to use a local business that sorts and recycles construction debris. Last year we made stinky Swedish floor finish a no-no. This year, it's healthy paints, adhesives, and sealants. If you want oil-based paints or toxic construction adhesive, you won't be getting them from Jackson Remodeling.

The healthy, nontoxic alternatives have become really good — how could it possibly be a bad thing to insist on their use? Our clients get a safer, healthier home; our carpenters and trade contractors minimize their exposure to harmful fumes; the planet's environment has a touch less junk put in it; and we are supporting companies that have put their money where their mouth is in developing green products. Everybody wins!

B–Line Construction
Sacramento, Calif.
Big50 2002

Our goal is to partner with our clients to realize their vision through integrity, presence, communication, safety, and efficiency. To continue successfully fulfilling this goal in 2008, I resolve to:

  • Intentionally slow down and take the time to be present, talk with and listen to my family, clients, employees, and the community. Really take time on what matters most, not what appears to be more pressing.
  • To help me take the company's pulse, get weekly reports down to three pages of information.

McAdams Builders
Big50 1989

We recently prepared a one-page business plan that defines our goals for the coming year. While we plan to maintain, retain, and improve our employee talent pool through good benefits and education, make every client feel that their project has priority, and update our systems, we also resolve to:

  • Reduce budget slippage by 2% while reducing project cycle times by 15%.
  • Perform so well that every client becomes an active promoter of what we call “The McAdams Advantage.”

Design/Construction Associates
Framingham, Mass.
Big50 2004

The year 2008 will be the 12th year that my humble little design/build company has been blessed with enhancing our clients' lives through the creation of some of the most beautiful spaces out there. What a ride it's been!

But the housing and renovation forecast seems bleak — or does it? Yes, the pace was slow and may get a tad slower. But I've had more time for clarity and creativity than when the economy was booming and my only worries were how and when to get to new leads before my competition did.

A large franchisee is looking to talk with me this year about ramping up. I will listen to the pitch, but I know my niche.

I think that in 2008 I will commit to focusing on my small company, not on what the economists spout. I will focus on my solid referrals, market to my past clients who are my best source of advertising, and enjoy my work.

Enthusiasm is infectious. I intend to spread some around in 2008.