The curved metal supports on this kitchen island reflect the homeowners' contemporary style. Remodeler Dan Tibma, of Tibma Design Build, in Needham, Mass., found inspiration in the cabinet door handles his clients chose for their kitchen cabinets.

Tibma says homeowners often use islands to reflect their personal style, with colors or materials that contrast with the kitchen cabinets.

For this project, the island was open to the living room, so Tibma wanted to add interest to the view. “I look for a thread of continuity with the house and design,” he says.

He created a template for the legs and gave it to a metal shop to make. The supports are made of steel with a galvanized zinc primer and topped with paint to match the door handles. Tibma added a piece of plywood under the granite countertop for a place to insert the tops of the supports. He drilled a hole in the wood floor and installed wood blocking to create a support for a 2½-inch deep channel for the bottom of the support. “The top channel is at one angle and the bottom is at another angle so the rods are locked in,” he explains.