Remodeler Frank Spivey and his team transformed his sketch of an imaginative wrought iron structure into an installed base for an island. The owner of Spivey Construction in Indianapolis based the design on criteria given to him by salesperson Dave Watson.

The homeowners did not want a cabinet base on one end of the island because they felt it would cut off the circulation to the kitchen. The island was part of a kitchen remodel, and they wanted to use this section of the island for entertaining.

The curvy metal base is strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds of granite yet gives the island an open feel and allows it to accommodate several bar stools. Draftsperson Thomas Kirsch translated Spivey's sketch to an AutoCAD program. Spivey's metal fabricator, Schouten MetalCraft, also used a CAD program to extrapolate a parts list and craft the metal structure.