Product:Grohe bath fittings

Mark says: With clients putting more focus on the shower, as opposed to the large tub, Grohe fixtures allow us the flexibility to put together a wide array of shower options. Grohe was once known for having only clean, modern styles. They have listened to the market and now also offer traditional styles.

In bathrooms, we’ve used their Bridgeford, Somerset, and Geneva collections — they have more traditional styling. We’ve put in a lot of Ladylux kitchen faucets that go well in both traditional and modern settings.

All the products have a solid, substantial feel and operate smoothly. When a client spends a lot of money on a master bath, they don’t want to get in the shower and just feel a dribble of water. The feedback we get from clients is consistently effusive when it comes to how the product performs, particularly the showerhead. Also, our plumbing subcontractors like it because they install cleanly without issues. I really like that I haven’t had to get to know the Grohe factory representative on a first-name basis (due to callbacks or warranty issues). In fact, I don’t even know if they have factory reps.