Designer: Jamie Goldberg, owner JG Kitchen, San Diego, residential design journalist and blogger.

Product: BlancoSilgranit II Sinks

Jamie says: My design style is “practical meets pretty,” what I call Sensible Style, and I like the blend of style and sensible in the Silgranit line. The material is a granite composite that’s extremely durable and low-maintenance. You can literally throw silverware at these sinks and not have to worry about them.

Many of my clients are busy families, and I find it’s not uncommon for them to think that they need a bigger sink in their kitchen. What they may actually need is the customization and personalization that you can get from the Silgranit products. A family that needs soaking space for pots and pans may opt for a model with a low divide, while a family that uses the sink to wash a small pet, a baby, or their handwashable clothes, may want a single, deeper bowl.

There’s also a growing collection of sink accessories that complements this collection. Homeowners can choose from colanders, utility baskets, cutting boards, and many other options that make food prep easier and increase the functionality of the space.

Everyone uses their kitchen differently, and Blanco’s Silgranit line is my go-to sink to fit the wide-ranging needs of my clients. It’s also the sink I’d like in my own kitchen!