In his quest to offer the most professional presentation possible, Thompson Price has turned to PowerPoint and a large screen to show his customers their kitchen designs. "When someone sees their kitchen in full-scale view on the screen, they are impressed," says the president of Callier & Thompson Kitchens and Baths.

Designers use the Twenty-Twenty program to design projects. They connect a projector to the computer and use the PowerPoint program to project a perspective of the design onto a large screen.

The company has a 6-by-5-foot rolling screen in their training room and a 3-foot screen in an alcove of their showroom. They use color in their drawings, and Price says the shades of cabinetry and surfacing are very similar to the actual material.

Some of the designers who are more familiar with the Twenty-Twenty program are also able to make immediate changes based on client comments.

Price says savvy kitchen and bath dealers need to have more professional presentations. "Consumers are more aware of the industry, due to the Internet," he says. "If you're not ready to maximize that sort of opportunity, you'll lose customers."