American Standard. Offering the widest waterway available, the Champion 4 features a 4-inch flush valve that pushes water into the bowl up to three times faster than standard 2-inch flush valves, and 30% faster than a 3¼ -inch flush valve, the maker says. Also, the fully glazed 2 3/8-inch trapway is designed to move almost 70% more mass than a standard 2-inch trapway. Champion 4 technology is available in a two-piece toilet, as well as on the FloWise high-efficiency toilet. 800.899.2614.

Duravit. Available in January 2008, the new D-Code line is designed to be simple, elegant, and practical. Created by Sieger Design, the collection includes toilets, bidets, and a urinal, in addition to a whopping 15 versions of the washbasin and a wide range of bathtubs. In total, eight toilet models are available: wall-mounted washdown or washout; compact wall-mounted washdown; floor-standing washdown or washout; back-to-wall floor-standing; and floor-standing close-coupled washdown with a horizontal or vertical outlet. 770.931.3575.

Gerber. The Ultra Flush collection now includes two high-efficiency toilets: the Ultra Flush 1.1 gpf toilet, and the Ultra Dual-Flush 1.1 gpf/1.6 gpf toilet. The dual-flush model incorporates two flush buttons — a “long flush” for solids and a “short flush” for liquid waste. Ultra Flush pressure-assist toilets feature an enhanced trapway design that measures more than 3 inches to minimize blockages. For remodels, the toilets install in the same dimensional area and with the same connections as conventional toilets. A full complement of styles, colors, and sizes is available. 630.754.0278.

Caroma USA. Due to the water-saving benefits achieved by its 1.6 gpf/0.8 gpf dual-flush system, the Adelaide 270 Cube high-efficiency toilet is ideal for applications where conservation is important. The Water-Sense-certified unit meets EPA criteria for water efficiency. Two-button activation lets users choose the 0.8-gallon flush for light waste, or 1.6 gallons when more power is necessary. Modern styling matches the Cube tank with a closet bowl that offers a rough-in of 10 to 12 inches. 800.605.4218.