WaterTiles leave shower walls and ceilings uncluttered by virtue of the tiles' sleek in-wall design. Wall-mounted body sprays and ceiling-mounted showerheads are available as 54-nozzle and 22-nozzle sprays. Each all-brass tile is available in six finishes. Larger WaterTile Rain overhead showering panels measuring 10 inches square are also available. 800.456.4537. www.kohler.com.

ShowHouse by Moen. With just the turn of a lever, the Isabel Multi-Function Showerhead offers either a gentle rain shower or a refreshing rinse. The shower redirects water from outside spray formers to those in the center of the showerhead. Spray formers in a pinwheel design provide maximum water coverage. The patented spoke-design showerhead accounts for angled installation, ensuring that water flows in a straight, steady stream. 877.663.6741. www.showhouse.moen.com.

MTI Whirlpools. The Caribe Overflow Bath lets users soak up to their neck and shoulders, while displaced water trickles over the sides of the tub. The perimeter water canal has a drain concealed in both the left and right front corners. The tub can be configured as a soaking tub, whirlpool, air bath, or whirlpool/ air bath. Measuring 79 inches long, 47½ inches wide, and 21¾ inches deep, the tub can also be outfitted with LED-based chromatherapy lighting. 800.783.8827. www.mtiwhirlpools.com.

Safety Tubs. For homeowners caring for older generations, a new acrylic walk-in bathtub offers the safety and convenience of a seated bath without compromising user independence. Featuring a built-in chair-height seat, deep-soaking dimensions, and a hand shower, the tub also has a walk-in door that allows users to enter and exit without a ledge to step over. Hydrostatic technology provides a watertight seal around the door; the weight of the water helps keep the seal tight. An innovative door handle allows for easy opening and closing. 877.304.2800. www.safetytubs.com.

Acryline. A new engineering technology that surpasses industry standards for hygiene is available in the True Drain system. Now built into 18 of the maker's air baths, the system incorporates a smooth interior and a natural slope toward the drain. The construction allows gravity to draw moisture to the lowest point of the drainage channel, out a port, across the shortest part of the bath basin, and directly to the drain. As the bath drains, the channel-drying technology eliminates the moisture that attracts bacteria, the maker says. 800.794.4667. www.acrylineusa.com.

Oceania Baths. The Nature 24 freestanding bath incorporates a streamlined look and the maker's Extreme Hygiene technology. Offering an 80-by-50-inch footprint with a built-in blower, the acrylic tub is available in white or biscuit with chrome, brushed chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, or gold finishes on the embedded corners. When designed with either the AeroMassage or Super AeroMassage system options, Extreme Hygiene technology uses steam to sanitize air channels. 877.332.4224. www.oceaniabaths.com.

Guardian. Entice your clients with the prospect of less shower maintenance by installing ShowerGuard shower glass. This permanently protected shower glass is available in clear or white for use in residential and commercial shower and bath enclosures. With exposure to hard water, soaps, and household cleaners, ordinary glass can become rough and pitted, and easily clouds with residue. ShowerGuard glass is sealed through a patented ion-beam process during manufacturing, which makes it easier to clean than standard glass and helps it retain the original appearance by resisting discoloration. 248.340.1800. www.showerguardglass.com.

Coastal Industries. Add durability without sacrificing style with the Paragon 3/8-inch frameless swing door. Available in numerous glass styles with more than a dozen finishes offered on the solid brass hinges, the door is a full 3/8-inch thick. Each door is custom-made for a distinctive addition to a contemporary or traditional bath. 800.874.8601. www.coastalind.com.

For more product information, visit ebuild, Hanley Wood's interactive product catalog, at www.ebuild.com.