Delta. Simplify tub and shower installation with the MultiChoice Universal Valve. The valve lets trade professionals make functional and stylish trim changes and upgrades without ever changing the valve in the wall. The valve works with any Delta Monitor pressure-balance tub/shower package, accommodating single-function pressure balance, dual-function pressure balance, and a new dual-function thermostatic valve cartridge. 800.345.3358.

Basco. For a contemporary shower design, try Preceria shower doors. The curved glass doors add a new dimension to traditional shower enclosures, and create a contemporary bathroom focal point. Preceria features a slightly curved door and a solid elliptical header that suspends 1½ inches over the door and attaches with clips. The 75-inch-tall door features an oversized elliptical pull handle. Centered between two panels, the door offers the flexibility of swinging both in and out. The glass measures 5/16 inch thick. 800.543.1938.

Danze. Multifunctional 400-series shower-heads offer three distinctive spray settings — double cone, pulse massage, and aerated drench — to create a customized spa-like experience for each user. Models include the 400, 405, and 460 (shown) showerheads for a more traditional look with added sophistication, and the 450 or the 3-inch Parma styles that have the same functionality but with contemporary flair. 877.530.3344.

American Standard. Part of the maker's new line of air baths, the Town Square Air Jet Tub is designed with flat “illusion” jets that release bubbles across the entire bottom of the tub. The flat jets are more comfortable to lean against, the maker says, and eliminate hard-to-clean crevices. Available in 5- or 6-foot models, Air Jet Tubs feature the Ever-Clean antimicrobial system, and can be outfitted with chromatherapy. 800.899.2614.

Sterling. The 60-inch Accord tile bath/shower is made of scratch- and stain-resistant Vikrell material that won't chip, crack, or peel, the maker says. Requiring just one installer, the four-piece unit offers single-pivot-point installation; wall clips “click” audibly so the installer knows each side is in the proper watertight position. Designed for 5-foot alcove spaces, Accord measures 30 inches wide and 72 inches tall, including a 15-inch bath height from the floor to the top of the apron. The unit features a realistic grouted tile look and builtin storage. An ADA-compliant model is also available. 800.783.7546.

Water Inc. Found in shower water, chemicals such as chlorine can contribute to everything from dry hair and skin to exacerbation of asthma. The Enviropure shower filter uses a unique combination of filtration technology to remove irritants from the shower and leave the water pH-balanced. Four shower models, including high-output, slim line, Royale, and hand-held (shown), are available with or without integrated showerheads. 800.322.9283.

Lasco Bathware. Measuring a full 72 inches in width the 7248MPAN shower pan lets two people shower comfortably, and can accommodate a full spa-like shower system with two showerheads. A unique back center drain location and “moat” design lets water spill over the edge of the floor surface into the moat and flow around the perimeter to the back of the pan and into the drain. 800.945.2726.

MTI Whirlpools. Anchoring the Boutique bath collection is the Elise freestanding tub, which combines organic design with solid-surface construction. The composite material comprises ground natural minerals with bonding agents to create a nonporous, stain-, mold-, and mildew-resistant surface. The tub itself features soft lines and a seamless design over its 72-inch length. It measures 37 1/8 inches wide and 24 inches deep. 800.783.8827.