Doni and Leonard Felman wanted to renovate the master bathroom in their Pittsburgh condominium to accommodate Leonard's water therapy for scoliosis. They called on designer Michael Braun of Braun Architectural & Interior Design and contractor J. Francis Co. to help them accomplish this task and update the room.

Dave Myers, vice president of J. Francis Co. says that because adding space is not possible in an apartment, owners have limited choices. “If you want something, you have to give something up.”

Due to his condition, Leonard could not enter or exit the existing whirlpool. Braun and the homeowners chose the Kohler corner shower with multiple massage jets to replace the tub and provide hydrotherapy. The unit is also ideal for bathing the homeowners' grandchildren when they visit.

The team chose to remove about 12 square feet of wall to open the master bath to the bedroom. The remodeled bathroom still has two sinks, but it also has a new make-up area and additional storage cabinets. Lighting improvements include recessed cans by Lightolier, which provided the installation flexibility needed for the shallow ceiling cavity in the concrete building.