This remodeler has found a convenient way to make sure his clients don't lose the use of their kitchen during a remodel -- he just wheels a portable one into their house. Wayne Minde, president of Tri-Lite Builders, and his crew built two rolling sections to create the temporary unit.

The Chandler, Ariz.based remodeler designed one 4-foot section with a sink, cabinet drawers, and storage space. The sink is hooked up to a 2-gallon hot-water heater that fits under the sink and plugs into an outlet. The other section has a two-burner electric cooktop and convection oven. He also includes electrical outlets in the shelf across the back for a toaster and space for a microwave. "I split them so we could move them around easily. And if we only need the sink part for a bath remodel, we can just use that," says Minde.

Minde was trying to find a way to provide a cooking and cleaning area for kitchen remodel clients when he came across a $7,000 stainless steel mini-kitchen. He decided to make one in his cabinet shop. It cost less than $3,000 and took only two days to build. If he has multiple kitchen projects, he can easily make additional units.