For many homeowners, organizing the refrigerator is one of the least enjoyable household chores. After all, reorganizing and cleaning efforts often provide a temporary improvement at best. The shelves quickly become cluttered. A small spill can compromise every surface. It’s near impossible to find a space to hold larger items such as wine bottles and pizza boxes.

At the same time, the lack of organization can affect more than a homeowner’s patience. Foods that can’t be found are forgotten and will spoil, causing unnecessary waste. In fact, the average family wastes more than $500 per person per year in spoiled food, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Worse yet, food waste is a major contributor to global pollution.

A lack of organization can also lead to spending more time with the fridge open, negatively affecting energy usage. For this reason, an unorganized fridge can impact a home’s electric bill as well.

Although today’s refrigerators are already leaps and bounds ahead of older models when it comes to energy efficiency, consumers still struggle with how best to organize their refrigerators for maximum efficiency. Paving the way in innovation, the Whirlpool Corporation Global Consumer Design group researched global food trends: what people are buying, the shapes and packaging of the food itself, and how to improve overall food presentation.

Inspired by those insights, Whirlpool Corporation created the new Whirlpool® Smart French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator. It features 32 cubic feet of total storage space and is the industry's easiest refrigerator to organize¹ with its revolutionary, pantry-inspired layout and unique shelving system, which helps homeowners organize food and optimize storage space in order to provide better presentation and reduce food waste.

Featuring special storage spots, this refrigerator cuts down on clutter and can efficiently store 30% more.¹ It takes advantage of every last bit of space with infinity slide shelves that can slide back and stop at any point to give homeowners the space they need, even if it’s just an inch. The refrigerator also includes a removable stadium divider, which can be inserted to raise small, hard-to-find items, as well as underlit shelves to increase visibility. The refrigerator won top honors with two 2016 CES Innovation Awards in the Smart Home and Home Appliances categories and will be available in the third quarter of 2016.

In addition, the refrigerator has several home automation features, including smart notifications to alert families of a WiFi outage; customized settings including Party Mode, which through activation in the Whirlpool® mobile app makes the refrigerator produce ice more quickly and lower interior temperatures during the party; and advanced customer care through the Whirlpool® mobile app by displaying fault codes and helping to schedule service appointments.²

The Whirlpool® Smart French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator is a prime example of how Whirlpool Corporation is designing its refrigerators with purposeful innovation to meet consumer expectations. The refrigerator is ideal whether homeowners are worried about energy consumption, food waste, or just want more space for the foods that fuel them.

¹ Among leading French door mount refrigerator brands

² Requires Wifi and account creation. App features and functionality subject to change. Subject to Terms of Service available at: Data rates may apply.