Today's bathtubs and showers go way beyond simply cleansing to serve a variety of sense-satisfying functions. Bathtubs can provide air- or water-jet massage, aromatherapy, chromatherapy, and relaxation through soaking and immersion. There is a variety of shapes and sizes, from deep circular models to tubs for two with built-in overflow channels. Showers can also provide massage through showerheads that emit pulsating water streams, as well as through body sprays, and they vary in style from sunflower-like rain-shower styles to sleek, futuristic cylinders. Here is a sampling of what's in demand for today's savvy bathers.

SUITE SENSATION The 72-by-55½ -by-27 3/8-inch deep Programmable Airbath from Toto's Neorest Bath Collection accommodates two bathers reclining against headrest pillows at either end of the unit. A cascade flows water over the bathers' neck, shoulders, and upper body, and there are 15 air jets for massage. Chromatherapy lights that cast a variety of colors are also included. The Neorest Bath Collection rounds out with a RainShower Tower, a lavatory with smart-sensor faucet, the Neorest toilet, and accessories. Toto USA. 800.350.8686.

SHOWER SKIING The aptly named Ski Shower system from Graff — shaped like a snow ski — is designed to create a rain shower. By adjusting the settings, the user can select a relaxing, cascading rainfall shower and/or an invigorating massaging water jet; and the thermostatic valve lets users preselect water temperature. Since all the pipes for this self-contained, pre-plumbed unit are hidden behind the wall, only the slender, curved column that incorporates the showerhead and body sprays is visible. The unit comes in round or square (shown) versions. Graff. 800.954.4723.

SOUND MACHINE The Neptuner from Neptune includes advanced audio technology that uses powerful acoustic transducers to produce an invisible surround-sound system. The bather is enveloped in music as sound waves are sent through the bathtub shell to transform it into one giant speaker, amplified and enhanced by the water. Unlike conventional audio systems, the Neptuner completely immerses the bather's body in music, and does so without the need to install speakers throughout the room. Neptune. 450.773.7058.

AS YOU LIKE IT Integrating showerhead, hand-held sprayer, and multiple wall-mounted body sprays into one, Danze's Custom Shower System includes an eight-position, four-port shower divert that lets bathers select from eight settings to direct water to three in-shower systems (body sprays, showerhead, or hand-held spray, or a combination of all). The thermostatic shower valve sets preferred shower temperatures. Shown is the 8-inch Sunray brass showerhead, which has a five-spoke design and is available in brushed nickel. Danze. 877.530.3344.

SOAKING SIDE-BY-SIDE Designed with an ergonomic bench seat for side-by-side bathing, the Sorrento from Victoria & Albert is inspired by Japanese ofuro soaking tubs. Measuring 39 inches high, 55 inches long, and 37 inches wide, the tub is made from solid surface Englishcast, a blend of volcanic limestone and high-performance resins — as strong as cast iron but 50% lighter and able to retain water heat. Three installation options are available: freestanding, sunken halfway into the floor, or drop-in undermount. Victoria & Albert. 800.421.7189.

CIRCULAR SPA Lasco Bathware's Contours line of bath fixtures includes the Radius Series tub, with concave surfaces, pearlescent finishes, and surface-tension details. Air flows through small, powerful jets in the side walls to create a deep massage; air and water also cycle through eight hydrojets positioned alongside the body to provide kneading massage that relieves muscle tension. The inline heater maintains water temperature, and chromatherapy lighting creates a soothing ambience. The Radius Round shown is roomy enough for two with individual headrests. Lasco Bathware. 800.877.2005.

PURE WATER Enviropure shower filters combine KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) filtration media and patented Chlorgon filtration technology to remove chlorine and heavy metals and leave water pH-balanced. The filters come in four models — the Royale showerhead, the Hand Held, the High Output, and the Slim Line — available in white, gold, chrome, polished brass, or satin nickel finishes. Water Inc. 800.322.9283.

LIGHT AND COLOR Bain Ultra's most advanced ThermoMasseur model is the Ayoura, which, with 63 strategically placed air jets, provides full-body massage. The inverted V backrest and integrated headrest ensure a massage of the neck and spine; three distinct levels of air jets amplify the effects of the massage; the oval shape provides ample space for the upper body and shoulders; and the three-level footrest enables full-body immersion. The Ayoura comes in freestanding or drop-in versions, and has an optional massage table top. Standard is chromatherapy with lights rendering colors that include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Bain Ultra. 800.463.2187.