Considering they'll be seen and used every day in the most high-traffic rooms of the home, selecting just the right countertop for a kitchen or bath can be a daunting task. But an array of new color introductions from several manufacturers helps increase the likelihood of clients finding their perfect shade and style.

LG Hi-Macs.
Featuring a botanically inspired color palette of cocoa, honeysuckle, juniper, jasmine, ivy, and lemongrass, the Eden Collection incorporates 12% pre-consumer recycled content from previous sheet goods. Nonporous, antimicrobial, and stain resistant, the acrylic solid surfacing is backed by a 15-year warranty and can help users earn LEED points.

Inspired by the vibrant hues and textures of precious materials, new laminates in the Gemstone and Jeweled series bring a punch of color to countertops. The Gemstone series includes three colorways with blue-hued gems set into rich clay and dark-brown aggregates. The Jeweled series offers a highly polished stone look in five colors, including sapphire, opal, mica, ivory, and coral (shown).

Bring the great outdoors indoors with four new colors of solid surfacing. Evoking the serenity of open fields and shady landscapes, the new hues include barley, green pasture, wild oat, and sierra. The colors can help create comforting environments while acknowledging the popular trend of blending indoor and outdoor living spaces. A variety of the maker's products, including countertops and molded sinks, is available in the new colors.

Eos Solid Surface.
The 3-centimeter-thick material is now available in nine new colors. By incorporating translucent particles, the new shades rival the look of quartz, yet offer solid surfacing benefits, including water- and stain-resistance, and a smooth, nonporous finish. The new colors include barrington, galveston, and newport (shown, top to bottom), as well as dark-colored acadia and marlin, and light-toned sandbridge, tacoma, halifax, and kashmir.

The addition of 12 new colors to the product line gives designers new options for mixing and matching complementary quartz surfaces throughout the home. The new Desert Collection features six colors with characteristics of sand and concrete. Another six colors added to the Quarry Collection range from blues and dark grays to earthy reds and browns.
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