Remodeler: Bill Vincent
Company: Creative Ceramic & Marble, Bridgton, Maine
Product: Target Super Tilematic.

Having set his first tile when we was just 10 years old, Bill Vincent knows the importance of having a dependable tile saw. Before going out on his own four years ago, Vincent worked for a company that exclusively used Target tile saws. That was the first time he used a Target saw. “The difference was night and day. Since then, I'm sold on this saw,” Vincent says. “Before I had my Target saw, I used to have to back off to let the saw ‘catch its breath'; with the Target, it never binds up, and it eats up the tile as quickly as you push it through.”

Vincent uses the Target Super Tilematic exclusively for stone and on any job where cuts will show, such as design work. “Unlike other tile saws where the whole framework is one unit and hard to move around,” he says, “the Target breaks down into different parts, which is great because you don't ding finished doors and trim.” It's also extremely accurate: “I have it down to less than 1/64 inch from one end of a tile to another when cutting,” Vincent says. “Its accuracy, even after a few years of use, is incredible.”