In a brainstorming session for this kitchen renovation, remodeler Robert Kraft and his design team came up with the idea to highlight the wine storage area using color and light. This fulfilled the homeowners' request to add some bright, playful accents to their kitchen.

Kraft, owner of Kraft Custom Construction, Salem, Ore., works with a custom cabinet company, so he was able to create this vertical tower and inset it into the run of cabinets. The one-bottle-wide tower holds about 20 bottles. It is lined with sheets of red laminate and outlined with rope lighting.

“The lighting not only illuminates the bottles, it highlights the tower as an architectural detail,” Kraft says. He asked the cabinetmakers to outline the tower with a wide frame that would both hold and hide the rope lighting and make it accessible for bulb-changing and repairs. The rope light is wired directly to a switch.