MTI's Parisian Beauty bathtub
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Ooh la la
MTI Baths has combined 19th-century French style with 21st-century American ergonomics in its new Parisian bathtub collection. The tub’s exterior mimics those found in the City of Light in the late 1800s, while the interior aims to be ergonomically sensitive “with softly curved backrests that foster relaxation in a long hot soak,” MTI says. Cast in Lucite acrylic, the tub is available as an air bath (delivering a soft-tissue massage), and can be fitted out with underwater LED lighting and/or a heating system that warms the interior bath surface. There are two sizes: 65 1/2 by 32 inches or 71 1/4 by 34 3/4 inches.
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Guildstone Oval Sink

Stone Cold
The Furniture Guild claims that its Guildstone countersinks make it possible to order fully customizable vanity units with single- or double-integrated sinks that have similar benefits to Corian and quartz. Guildstone is composed of ground natural materials and binding agents, the company says. Along with the potential for bespoke units, The Furniture Guild offers seven sink designs in standard 21 1/2- and 18-inch counter depths. Edge thicknesses can range from 1/2 inch to 4 inches.
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Kohler Touchless Toilet
Kohler Touchless Toilet

Hands-Free Flushing
Germaphobes who distrust their toilet’s handle can now can flush hands-free with the new Kohler Touchless toilet, which uses a sensor system rather than a lever to start the flushing action. The battery-powered sensor works by creating an electromagnetic field that detects when a hand has entered the field. The technology is available in the Kohler Cimarron toilet as well as via a retrofit kit that the company says will work with almost any single-flush toilet that has either a canister or a flapper flush.
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DuVerre hardware, pomegranate product line
G.Mclean DuVerre hardware, pomegranate product line

Du Verre Hardware believes that people want more depth in their décor, so the company has introduced a collection of textured cabinet hardware pieces. One of the five new varieties resembles the inside of a pomegranate, another primitive art, and a third a mosaic. The cabinet hardware is hand-finished and made from recycled aluminum.
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Thermador's Trimless FreedomInduction cooktop
Thermador's Trimless FreedomInduction cooktop

Hot Stuff
Thermador has doubled the number of options available for its Freedom Induction Cooktop. The existing version of the cooktop (introduced two years ago) features stainless steel trim around the edge; the new version is trimless. As with the earlier product, the entire surface of the cooktop is usable, so pots and pans of varying shape and size can be placed anywhere on the surface. A 6 1/2-inch, full-color touchscreen display controls the process. Thermador also claims its PowerBoost feature boils water faster than any other technology in its class.
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