Bill Feinberg of Allied Kitchen & Bath in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., found a great way to exchange leads with his appliance dealer: He put a company display in the dealer's two showrooms. His investment in the 10-foot displays at Florida Builder Appliance has paid off. He receives good, qualified leads from the dealer, and they offer his customers professional service and competitive prices. "We send clients to them at the design stage, and they handle product specifications and delivery," Feinberg says.

He started with a display in one of their showrooms 10 years ago and recently installed one in the firm's new Ft. Lauderdale location. "They allow us to display our name and address, as well as our own company brochure," Feinberg says. Through the new display, he has already received a contract for a project with $30,000 worth of cabinets.

Due to a delay in making a decision about the new display, the floor plan of the Ft. Lauderdale store was completed before Allied was involved. Feinberg wanted to make the most of the 10-foot-long space allotted to Allied. He received design help and was able to offset some of the cost with help from his cabinet supplier. He added molding and upscale products to set his display apart from the eight other kitchen and bath designer vignettes.

Feinberg prefers to schedule his clients' visits with a specific salesperson because she is familiar with how his company works. "Like any relationship, it has to be nurtured," Feinberg says. "Good communication with the salespeople is the key to getting leads."

Courtesy Allied Kitchen & Bath