When Gary Milici of Coastline Construction began work on this 1925 kitchen, he and his team were challenged by the small breakfast nook connected to the kitchen via a narrow arched doorway. The homeowners did not have any suggestions, so the crew began work on the main part of the kitchen without finalizing a design for the nook.

During the construction phase, one of the company's designers came up with the idea of using the small space as a semi-private office for the stay-at-home mom. They installed French doors on one side of the room for greater seclusion, but the doors left only a 1½-foot-wide wall for that side of the desk. By giving the desk a sweeping, modern curve, the contractor was able to fit it in.

The arched opening provides ample space for checking e-mail or paying bills while interacting with the family. Milici says it is a great place for children to do homework with parents nearby. With the new adjacent wine bar, the room adds dimension, design, and functionality to the kitchen.

The homeowners who did the remodel have since decided to move to a larger house; the current residents purchased the house in part because they fell in love with this detail and the kitchen.