The staff at plumbing wholesale company Keidel in Cincinnati offers these tips for designing and installing mudrooms. For more information, visit

  • Provide clear traffic routes in and out of the mudroom. Exterior doors should be 36 inches wide.
  • Include a chair or bench for removing shoes and boots.
  • A doormat is essential, and the bigger the better. Whenever possible, recess the mat into the floor. A recessed mat is safer and tidier than floor mats. This is easier if the floor is tiled, but it can even be done on an existing board floor.
  • Provide a mail center with a bulletin board to help the family keep track of their schedules. Consider either a countertop to organize and sort mail or wall-hung letter bins.
  • A bathroom with a shower located next to the mudroom is not only practical, but recommended.
  • A laundry room adjacent to or that is part of the mudroom is a viable option. The utility sink can be used for laundry or to clean up dirt and grime. For small spaces (less than 4 by 9 feet) choose a small wall-hung sink.
  • If the mudroom is off the kitchen, using the same cabinetry and counters will make the mudroom appear to be part of the kitchen and will make both spaces feel larger.
  • Consider installing a mirror, and a series of hooks to hold spare keys.