Kohler's Cimarron Comfort Height toilet, featuring the Class Five flushing system, is engineered to perform reliably under all flushing situations, especially in what the company calls “demanding circumstances.” A 3¼-inch-diameter flush valve and direct-fed jet technology work to create a strong gravity-fed flush using 1.6 gallons of water. The toilet can also be adjusted during installation to use 1.4 gallons per flush and will still provide effective flushing, the marker says.

A key feature of the two-piece Cimarron toilet is its installation system. The separate pieces of traditional two-piece toilets are typically attached using two to three bolts that penetrate the vitreous china tank. If the bolts are overtightened, the tank can be damaged. If the bolts are not tightened enough, water can leak from the tank.

courtesy Kohler

The Cimarron toilet's DryLock installation system eliminates the bolt penetrations in the tank. Instead, it uses a metal bracket plate that attaches to a rubber gasket on the tank's bottom exterior. Two bolts slide into the bracket plate and snap securely into place. The tank is then placed on the toilet base with the bolts passing through the bolt holes, and only one 1/2-inch socket wrench is required to tighten the bolts and fasten the tank to the base.

The Cimarron Comfort Height toilet measures an ADA-compliant 17 inches high and is available in the maker's full offering of colors.