Aging in place continues to be one of the top trends among remodeling jobs, but what does it actually take to design a room that fits the aging in place profile? Over at sister site Builder, Deryl Patterson examines the trends in bathrooms for the 55 and up crowd. It's not just about making sure there's a walk in shower, but includes specific vanity styles:

As experienced homeowners, these 55-plus buyers understand the value of personal space. Separate vanities are simply good for the marriage. Now that we have jettisoned the grand tub, there is plenty of space for it. If there is room still, consider a knee space for the woman to put on her makeup. Instead of a wall mirror, install a window in front of the knee space. As we age, we need more light to see up close and natural light is ideal. A simple magnifying mirror on the counter is more effective than a wall mirror.

Different toilet heights and grab bars also make the list of must-haves for bathrooms designed for aging in place. Check out the full article with all of the advice and the reasoning behind it over at Builder by clicking on the link below.

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