Are you and your clients looking for reasons to make some bathroom upgrades? A new survey from Delta implies that Americans are spending more time - ahem - "multitasking" in the bathroom, so comfort and functionality are top priorities.

According to the survey,
    - 90% of people multitask while they "go."
    - Nearly half of survey respondents admit to dedicating at least five minutes at a time to catch up on reading, e-mail, or playing video games while sitting on the toilet.
    - One-third of Americans say they update or check their social media status while doing their business.
    - Men admit to spending more time on the toilet. Of respondents who reported 10-minute  bathroom visits while at home, 75% were male.
    - People ages 25 to 34 are nearly twice as likely to spend 10 minutes or more on the toilet compared with respondents age 45 and older.

Delta says its Corrente, Prelude, and Riosa toilets are available with elongated bowls, and come in chair height dimensions for more comfort during those longer bathroom visits. They're also WaterSense labeled, and are designed with the Delta SmartFit system for easy installation thanks to pre-installed tank-to-bowl connections. The Corrente and Riosa models also feature an integrated water supply line to reduce the potential for leaks. All three style are available at Home Depot. Delta | 800.345.3358 |