It's All in the Name

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DAP's new labeling technique makes choosing the right adhesive or sealant easy.

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Product innovators at DAP unveiled new features and products at the Remodeling Show last fall, setting their sights on exterior contractors. The new DAP Spec Line capitalizes on the maker’s existing adhesive and sealant technologies to create new products for windows, doors, and siding. Moreover, a unique naming convention helps ensure that contractors choose the right product for the job.

“People have been trying to simplify this category for years,” says Mark Longo, vice president and general manager of DAP’s WDS division. “Now with the new line, you’re assured that the product you’re using meets the right criteria for the job.” Each DAP Spec Line product is named for the installation criteria installers are most likely to use. For example, siding contractors working with ASTM C920 would choose DynaFlex920, easily spotted with the labeling.

Longo says that DAP’s Spec Line has been well received in the market since its introduction, and the company is looking forward to rolling out another innovation in February and March 2012. “We’re ramping up production for a full color palette for DynaFlex920,” he says. Thanks to DAP’s in-line pigmenting technologies, the sealant will be color-matched to nearly the full array of colors available from siding manufacturers throughout the industry.

Specialized labeling on each tube will show contractors which sealant matches the brand and color of siding they’re using. Learn more on where there will be a full-color cross-reference tool.

—Lauren Hunter, associate editor, REMODELING.