Whether you're going for organic or high-tech, spa-like or spectacle, the right tile can complete the look of any room.


From Argentine tile producer Ilva comes the Elementi collection, designed to reflect the natural elements fire, water, earth, and wind. Suitable for interior or exterior applications, the tiles are available in four colors: aqua (noce), aria (white), fuoco (gold), and terra (chocolate-gray). Sizes include 18-, 14-, 7-, and mesh-mounted 2-inch squares, as well as 3.4-by-7- and 3.4-by-6-inch rectangles. A range of accessories, borders, and listellos completes the look, with some tiles incorporating stripes of contrasting colors. Visit the Web site for a distributor near you. Ilva. www.ilva.com.


Replace dated wood paneling with dramatic Mesquite wood tiles from Ann Sacks. Create an organic look with 4-inch square tiles; 6-inch "pillowed" diamonds are also available. The tiles are butt-jointed and installed with a strong adhesive rather than thinset and grout. The handsome mesquite wood's density makes the tiles less prone to warping and absorption. Available finishes include no-UV, which lets the tiles turn reddish over time; UV-protected; or walnut for a deep brown tone. Ann Sacks. 800.278.8453. www.annsacks.com.


Raise tiled finishes to a new level of sophistication with the Elevations line. Five field sizes include the 1¼-by-10-inch Extrados tile with an arched profile. Liner tiles, such as Freehand (above), display detailed etched designs for added dimension. Dozens of iridescent and noniridescent colors are available across the cool "Ocean" or warm "Earth" palettes. For added design, mix and match Elevations with miniature mosaic field tiles from the maker's Facets line. Visit the Web site to find a distributor near you. Oceanside Glasstile. www.glasstile.com.


Indulge in worry-free natural stone tiles. Questech's tumbled marble tiles feature Q-Seal, a factory-applied sealant that repels food, beverage, and water stains, and also provides antibacterial protection. Tiles are suitable for wall and floor applications in kitchens, baths, and entryways. Questech. 802.773.1228. www.questech.com.


It's not wood, and it's not the tropics, but homeowners can experience both with Mediterranea's Havana tile. Incorporating a number of clay colors in the manufacturing process, the through-body porcelain replicates the sun-worn look of exotic Caribbean wood. Two plank-style sizes are available: 6-by-24 inches and 12-by-24 inches. Choose from five available colors including sugarcane (white), cohiba (tan), tobacco (brown), Tropicana (gold), and mambo (red, shown). Mediterranea. 305.718.5091. www.mediterranea-usa.com.


Kreana's sleek stainless steel mosaic tiles offer smooth, geometrically inspired designs as an alternative to more traditional materials. Named beltway, diamond, subway, dot, hexagon, octagon, Tribeca, and wishbone (shown), the tiles are mesh-mounted in 12-by-12-inch sheets for easy installation, and should be grouted as usual. Kreana. 800.983.6188. www.kreana.com.