The garage has traditionally been one of the least organized spaces in the home, surpassed only by the attic. The recent trend toward larger garages just increases the space to be filled up. But new organizational systems designed specifically for garage applications are being offered by several companies, and they just may do away with the cluttered garage.

The storeWALL Heavy Duty system is based on a patented heavy duty PVC wall panel with tongue-and-groove installation. A variety of hooks, shelves, baskets, bins, cabinets, and activity centers for sports equipment are added to provide wall storage. Each accessory can be rearranged to fit changing needs. StoreWALL may be installed with screws or with no-show fasteners and is available in several colors: global pine, rustic cedar, weathered gray, Dover white, and brite white.

Whirlpool Corporation is offering a modular system, called Gladiator GarageWorks, that provides organizational space in the form of 24-inch deep Gear Drawers and GearBoxes, GearBox cabinets, the Garage Refrigerator, and Gear Wall panels with hook and shelf accessories. All major components of Whirlpool's system are finished in a tread-plate steel exterior, and all base modules are set on casters and are protected with bumpers to prevent scratches. An 8-foot long work surface constructed of solid hard maple tops off the system.

GarageTek's system is based around the company's patented TekPanel PVC slotted wall panels. A range of lockable cabinets as well as racks, shelves, utility hooks, bins, and baskets attach to the wall panels. TekPanels are colorfast, impervious to insects, and will not warp due to weather conditions or dampness, according to the company. All GarageTek components can be rearranged to accommodate the changing needs of the homeowner.

GarageTek's Tek-Panel PVC wall panel system comes with a variety of accessories for storage.
Courtesy GarageTek GarageTek's Tek-Panel PVC wall panel system comes with a variety of accessories for storage.

The Fitted Garage from DURA is a system of heavy-gauge steel cabinets, toolboxes, workbenches, and accessories. DURA's system incorporates two-point locking mechanisms on its cabinets, lockable casters to allow base units to be moved and then secured, and fixed base units with adjustable feet that can also be bolted together for increased stability. Foam-lined storage drawers, adjustable drawer dividers, and other modular components are among the features the Fitted Garage offers.