Solar Innovations.
Three preassembly options for the maker's standard skylights can save installers time on the jobsite. Non-preassembled models are available, as well as preassembled non-preglazed skylights with welded curbs and a preassembled frame. Preassembled preglazed skylights are shipped as complete as possible, requiring only the fasteners and curb to complete the installation. Size restrictions may apply.

Incorporating advanced reflection technology, tubular skylights are available in 10-, 13-, 18-, 21-, or 24-inch diameters. The skylight dome is a unique combination of high-impact acrylic fused to an aluminum mounting ring. This design eliminates structural stress, holes, and problems typical in other dome designs. The unit also features seamless aluminum roof flashing, and a metal pipe that brings light to the diffuser with 97% reflectivity.

HeavenScape Premium Skylights are part of the Weather Stopper Integrated Roofing System and come with limited enhanced warranties. No-bracket installation and a convenient sizing template help make installers' jobs easier, while encapsulated weather stripping, a bottom apron ealing strip, and extra-wide flashing keep the skylights weather-tight. HeavenScape skylights also sit deeper in the roof for a lower profile than other skylights, the maker says.

A tubular skylight can bring much-needed light to almost any area of the home. Ideal for spaces such as hallways, closets, and bathrooms, the maker's Energy Star-qualified tubular skylight features the patented Solar Lens Dome, which increases the amount of light that enters the tube. During full midday sun, a 10-inch tubular skylight lights up 150 square feet of space with solar throughput equal to three 100-watt bulbs. Available in 10- and 14-inch sizes, the maker also offers tubular skylights that can stand up to severe weather.

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