Products With Resolve: IBS 2013 Preview

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The 2013 International Builders' Show promises to showcase plenty of in-demand products. Here's a hand-picked preview.

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The 2013 International Builders’ Show promises to showcase plenty of in-demand products and technologies. Here are five that can help your clients fulfill their New Year’s resolutions

Resolution #1: Save a Tree

Two of Clopay’s most popular styles combine to offer the economically priced Canyon Ridge Collection Ultra-Grain Series. Half-inch-thick cladding with an Ultra-Grain simulated stained woodgrain finish is attached to a polyurethane insulated door to create the carriage door design. Fourteen panel designs in two finishes offer the look of wood, minus the risks of rotting, warping, splitting, shrinking, or cracking. Clopay | 800.225.6729 |

Resolution #2: Use Less Water

The 505 Showerhead offers more settings than other multifunction showerheads, while using less water than a standard unit. Scroll through wide, center jet, aeration, massage, and wide-plus-center jet settings with an easy-glide selector. A 2-gallon-per-minute flow means the 505 Showerhead meets Water Sense standards. Danze | 888.328.2383 |

Resolution #3: Get Those Cavities Filled

Fomo’s updated spray foam technology promises to fill voids better than traditional foam. High Flow Technology allows the pour-in-place foam to flow through even complex cavities more effectively, filling spaces of all shapes and sizes up to 30 feet. Coming in 2013 in a variety of formulations to suit a range of applications. Fomo | 800.321.5585 |

Resolution #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Weep

Celebrating its 30th anniversary protecting window and door openings, the Jamsill Guard sill pan flashing features a multi-piece overlapping design that lets the installer adjust the guard on-site. Available in eight depths, Jamsill can accommodate most window and door applications and has sloped weep areas to evacuate moisture outside the structure. Made from high-quality plastic, the guard won’t deteriorate or corrode. Jamsill | 800.526.7455 |

Resolution #5: Indulge in “Me” Time

Up the ante on the master bath oasis with Nuheat Custom Mats. Built to the exact specs of any floor — including those with curves and angles — the mats eliminate much of the time and labor associated with installing an evenly heated floor. Beyond the bathroom, Nuheat also offers an alternative to traditional heating throughout the house, even under stone or tile floors. Standard square and rectangular sizes are also available. Nuheat | 800.778.9276 |