From walls to ceilings, interior to exterior, a number of new home theater and electronics products are available to fully outfit any home.


Create a communication, learning, and entertainment hub with the HP TouchSmart PC. The full-featured desktop computer has an integrated, touch-enabled 19-inch LCD screen for easy use and access to numerous desktop tools. Features such as the HP SmartCalendar make it easy for busy families to keep track of their events, and also to leave messages for one another. Audio and video options offer access to TV, movies, music, photos, and more.
800.474.6836. HIGH-IQ AUDIO

Based on music-server technology that promises true plug-and-play installation, the iQ System multiroom audio system can provide audio playback to as many as eight rooms. Able to integrate with the popular iTunes platform, the iQ System features four key elements: a hard disk-based iQ Intelligent Media Server, a 16-channel iQ Intelligent Multiroom Amplifier, a 15-inch tabletop or wall-mountable touchscreen, and 3½-inch in-wall touchscreens. The system can also sync music from one house to another via the Internet.
800.236.2812. A VOICE FROM ABOVE

The Signature Series now includes the SIG-1.5R and SIG-1.5R-30 in-ceiling speakers. Both models feature the Guided Soundfield system in which a base/midrange driver is recessed in the chassis, while two tweeters fire at a 30-degree angle from the ceiling. This allows one to guide a wide arc of sound toward a specific area of the room. The direction of the sound can be adjusted without compromising the quality. The GRIP Glass-Reinforced Injection-molded Polymer chassis and mounting brackets help increase wall rigidity at the mounting site, vastly reducing unwanted resonances due to less-than-smooth ceiling surfaces.
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The hand-built G95 DVD surround receiver plays CDs, DVDs, and AM/FM radio, and produces 5.1-channel surround sound using the maker's latest digital amplifier technology. The G95 is the culmination of two years of reference-quality digital design, with HDMI, all-digital audio/video outputs. The high-quality output continues with images in 1080p, as well as a full range of video resolutions, including 1080i, 720p, and 480p, and convert/scale signals from any of its analog-video inputs for maximum resolution.
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Designed specifically for outdoor living, the Runco Climate Portfolio flat-panel offers a WP-42HD weather-proof display with advanced LCD technology and glass that features a special element-proof bonding. The combination delivers a monitor ready for the elements; the weather-proof enclosure ensures protection from adverse environmental conditions including temperature, and exposure to moisture, dust, oils, and intermittent direct water spray.