StructGuard Green Studio Photo Shoot of Product - Tyler - Sept 2006
Don Sciba StructGuard Green Studio Photo Shoot of Product - Tyler - Sept 2006

Temple-Inland.  GreenGlass fiberglass-faced gypsum sheathing (right) contains recycled content, and features mold-, moisture-, and weather-resistant properties. Suitable for use under many exterior veneers, including brick, stone, metal, wood, vinyl, EIFS, and others, the material comes in a 11/2-inch-thick sheet with a standard core, and a 5/8-inch sheet with a Type X fire-resistant core. 800.231.6060.

Polyglass USA. Designed as a solution for the extreme temperatures found underneath metal roofing systems, Polystick MTS High Temperature underlayment (left) can withstand temperatures up to 265º F. The self-adhesive underlayment is ideal for use under heat-intensive roofing materials, such as metal, clay and concrete tiles, and dark-colored shingles. Manufactured using Polyglass patented ADESO self-adhesive technology, Polystick MTS is comprised of a true polymer-modified asphalt compound on the top layer and an aggressive self-adhesive compound on the bottom layer. It is available on 200-square-foot rolls. 800.222.9782.

Serious Materials. Quiet Solution brand’s QuietHome sound-damped floor-ceiling assembly (right) is designed to deliver improved noise reduction, with an STC rating up to 65. Particularly good at reducing challenging “high-heel footfall” noise, the assemblies can reduce impact noise by half, and airborne noise by two-thirds compared with conventional poured gypsum concrete assemblies, the maker says. 800.797.8159

Goldblatt Tool Co. The BladeRunner drywall cutting tool (left) is a handheld tool that cuts both sides of the drywall simultaneously with no exposed blades. In addition to straight cuts, the tool can accommodate curves, shapes, and corners, all in less than half the time of traditional methods, the maker says. The tool’s patented blade design features two independent cutting halves that separate onto both sides of the drywall. As the top half moves, the bottom half uses high-strength magnetic technology to follow the same pattern and create a clean, precise cut. 866.562.4229.

WR Meadows.  Floor-Top STG (right) is a standard traffic-grade, single-component floor topping that is both shrinkage-compensating and self-leveling. The underlayment can be poured or pumped up to 1 inch thick in a single application, and is specially designed to smooth out uneven, rough, or deteriorated interior concrete floors. Ideal for leveling concrete and rigid-based substrates prior to applying a flooring system or coating, Floor-Top STG cures to a hard, traffic-wearing surface suitable for foot and light rubber-wheeled traffic. The surface is ready for foot traffic as soon as 4 hours after application. Floor coverings can be installed in as little as 18 hours after application. The product can also be used with radiant heating floor systems. 847.214.2100.