Small Project/Details

Bare Essentials The centerpiece of its designers' stunningly unadorned modernist kitchen, this stainless steel sink and cantilevered aluminum counter system is as simply effective as it is stark.

Engineered with sleight of hand by Gregory Rubbo and Rauzia Ally, the system's only structural element is the sink itself: 3/8-inch bolts, passing through a 1/2-inch steel plate hidden behind the wall, anchor the sink to studs; the counter is then cantilevered from the wall as it passes through the sink's two 20-by-20-inch basins.

Water and debris drain back toward the wall, where a removable sievelike plate runs even with the counter across the sink's width. Plumbing elements are also concealed behind the wall, so that only the commercial-grade fittings are visible.

Gregory Emilio Rubbo

Category: Small project/details, under $25,000

Location: Washington, D.C.

Designers: Gregory Rubbo and Rauzia Ally, Scout Motor Co., Washington, D.C.

REMODELING Design Awards 2003