Island Construction owner Barry Riordan "opened up" this master bath and dressing area in a Gulf Coast/Marco Island, Fla., condominium without adding square footage or significant ceiling height. Riordan's visually cohesive design instead creates the illusion of space using clean lines, symmetry, and light.

Riordan centered the hall-to-foyer entry, installing a glass-paneled maple door and matching sidelights that, with symmetrical sconces, appear to widen the entry.

In the foyer, an identical maple-and-glass-panel fusuma door meets the hall entry sidelights, encompassing one system that provides visual continuity. "Floating" sycamore vanities and ceiling panels in the bathroom and dressing area complement the maple's natural finish.

Small-aperture, low-voltage recess lights and upturned sconces provide warm, ambient lighting and brighten the ceiling corners to accentuate the room's height. The door panels also brighten the foyer and dressing area. Opaque enough to maintain privacy, the rice-paper glass still allows light to pass through.