Pioneer Millworks. A wide variety of wood species are salvaged from old mills, barns, factories, and warehouses and recycled into baseboard, paneling, crown molding, wainscoting, and more to re-create historical styles or achieve contemporary profiles. Many stock profiles are available, but the company also works with contractors, architects, and designers to create custom profiles through a knife grinding process. (800) 951-9663.

Style Solutions. Flexibles moldings in a variety of profiles can be bent or curved to fit architectural accents such as archways, curved stairways, radius walls, and columns and can be used for interior or exterior applications. They resist rotting, decay, splintering, moisture, and insects, the company says. Each molding piece can be bent more than one way and comes pre-primed with a flexible topcoat that resists cracking. (800) 446-3040.

Azek. Cellular PVC Trimboards are designed for exterior use but can also be used as interior trim. They are water resistant, insect resistant, and will not rot, according to the maker. The trim offers the workability of wood but can also be thermoformed into many shapes, such as the curved baseboard shown here. (866) 549-6900.

American Millwork. Prefinished or primed base, crown, casing, rope, and chair rail moldings are available in red oak, poplar, finger-joint poplar, maple, and cherry woods. Moldings can be delivered cut to length or trimmed to the nearest foot. The company can custom match colors and also offers a variety of standard colors. (574) 295-4158.

Courtesy Windsor Mill

Windsor Mill. The WindsorONE Moldings Collection provides a whole-room approach to wood molding systems. Four historically inspired suites allow easy matching of crown to casing and base molding, as well as decorative accents. Available styles are Classical Colonial, Greek Revival, Classical Craftsman, and Colonial Revival. (888) 229-7900.

Courtesy Fypon

Fypon. Fireplace surrounds cast of high density polyurethane can be used to accent wood, gas, or electric fireplaces. Three mantle styles are available in various sizes, along with two pilaster designs and a one-piece mantle/pilaster combination. The polyurethane surrounds will not absorb moisture, the firm says. Also shown is the company's ceiling medallion. (800) 537-2593.

Courtesy Contact Lumber

Contact Lumber. Oak-Over real wood veneer moldings are available in maple, pine, fir, cherry, and other woods. A molded softwood substrate is laminated with a wood veneer and comes in lengths up to 16 feet. The softwood core, says the company, makes the molding easier to cut and nail. The finger-jointed moldings will not warp or twist. The moldings are available pre-sanded, pre-finished, or ready for finishing. (800) 345-2232.

Courtesy White River Hardwoods-Woodworks

White River Hardwoods-Woodworks. Mon Reale high-relief hardwood moldings and complementary carvings are created from a poplar profile with a wood-product overlay and are available in a wide array of designs. Ornamentally embossed moldings are also available in poplar and red oak, as well as custom profiles in other woods. Moldings come in long lengths for ease of installation. (800) 558-0119.

Courtesy Marley Mouldings

Marley Mouldings. Polymer Architectural Moldings are made of an extruded PVC that provides the look of wood without the maintenance, says the firm. Moldings are available in 11 prefinished colors or come unfinished for staining or painting. Crown, casing, base, corner, chair rail, and wainscoting are ready to install with nails or adhesives. (800) 368-3117.

Courtesy Outwater Plastics

Outwater Plastics. The company now offers a variety of half-round and full-round rope moldings in MDF or flexible materials. The rope moldings can be stained or painted and are stocked in maple, oak, poplar, cherry, and flexible materials in 8-foot lengths, as well as MDF in 6- and 12-foot lengths. Rope mold thicknesses vary from 3/8 inch to 1 inch. (888) 631-8375.