With the workability of wood and the benefits of durability and resistance to rot and pests, PVC has become popular for exterior millwork. Manufacturers continue to expand their lines with a range of molding profiles, as well as boards, planks, and sheets in thicknesses that make creating your own routed designs easy. Low maintenance and long life mean these trim pieces will highlight your exterior handiwork for years to come.


Use the maker's dormer kit to dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to create a dormer surround. From the William E. Poole Collection, the kit includes a specially created ½ -inch exterior plywood template that helps simplify installation. Doubling as outside wall sheathing, framers surround the template with the other kit pieces, including a PVC backerboard, right and left pilasters, a pediment, dormer return molding, and a bottom sill.

Royal Outdoor Products.

The Royal Décor Antiquity line now includes a diverse collection of all-vinyl outdoor columns, which range from colonial to Arts & Crafts styles and come ready-to-paint or ready-to-install in white, tan, or clay colors. Ideal for older homes, the columns can act as load-bearing architectural components or decorative elements.


PVC Stealth skirtboard serves as a multipurpose frieze board or starter strip engineered to receive all types of siding and to stand up to weather. The 5/4-inch-thick plank has an angled top ridge that deflects water and provides a place on which the first course of fiber-cement or composite siding can rest. The low-maintenance PVC board can come into direct contact with the ground or with masonry. Available in 6- or 8-inch widths and 18-foot lengths with a smooth matte or woodgrain finish.

KOMA Trim Products.

Allure Collection extruded moldings are designed to complement the manufacturer's existing line of products. Made from a PVC material that won't swell, rot, or split, the trim products can be cut and installed with regular woodworking tools. The collection features nine standard moldings and four specialized types.


The Restoration Millwork line has been expanded with six new profiles, 12-foot trimboards, and 1½ -inch sheets and trimboards. New profiles for the cellular PVC trim include lattice, J-channel brickmold, adjustable back band, rams crown, rb3 casing, and #356 casing. Available in smooth or TrueTexture finishes, new 12-foot trimboard comes in eight sizes, while CustomCraft, the 1½ -inch material, comes in 4-foot-by-8-foot sheets and 10-inch-by-18-foot trimboards. Thicker sheets are ideal for fabrications and custom-routed looks.

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