OSB as Carpet Substrate?

Yes, you can use 7/16-inch OSB as carpet underlayment over hardwood subflooring, so long as you properly adhere and screw down the underlayment. Here's how to do it. Read more

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Air-Purifying Hardwood Flooring Hits the Market

Pure Genius flooring from Canada-based Lauzon is activated by natural or artificial light and the movement of air to continuously break down airborne toxins and create a constant supply of fresh indoor air. Read more

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Installing Hardwood Flooring over Vinyl

Hardwood flooring can be installed over existing sheet vinyl, but only if key conditions are met. Use these tips from a hardwood flooring installation expert to meet those conditions and make sure you do the installation correctly. Read more

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Natural Instincts: Flooring Trends for 2014

Wood-inspired flooring materials bring nature indoors and continue to gain popularity, especially in open floor plans. Read more

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Getting the Bounce Out

A framing subcontractor used screws instead of nails and glue when fastening sheathing to I-joists on a new addition. Now, the homeowners are complaining about "bouncy" floors. Here's what a senior engineer at APA/Engineered Wood Association says is the issue—and the solution. Read more

Beefing Up Attic Joists for Living Space

A client wants to turn their attic into a livable space, leaving the contractor with a question about beefing up the joists to support the floor space. Here's what a structural engineer had to say. Read more

Installing Mesquite Hardwood Floors

Home builder Matt Risinger is a big fan of hardwood floors. While most of the homes he builds use white oak for hardwood flooring, he recently received a request for Mesquite hardwood flooring. It was so interesting to him that he decided to video the installation process. Here's how it went. Read more

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What's the Difference Between Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles?

Q. One of the tile showrooms where my remodeling clients shop has tiles displayed in two sections, one for floors and one for walls. What's the difference between a floor tile and a wall tile? Is it possible to interchange the two? Read more

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