Finishes and Surfaces

8 Glazing Products for Better Views8 Glazing Products for Better Views

From interior partitions to building envelopes, this glass suits a range of... Read more

Choosing the Right Deck Finish

Choosing a deck finish is no simple task. With so many options to choose from it can be an almost overwhelming decision process. Here are some tips to help you and your clients choose the right finishes for their decks. Read more

How to Refinish a Wood Countertop

Finishing expert Scott Burt and his company recently refinished the wood countertops in a client's home. Here's what he suggests to help make the job go smoothly and keep your customers happy. Read more

Starrett Exact Plus Tape MeasuresStarrett Exact Plus Tape Measures

The Exact Plus Tapes are made of impact-resistant ABS plastic with an over-mold for added durability and ergonomics. The 1-inch blade has a nylon coating to protect it from the wear and tear of the jobsite. Read more

Hard Surface, Soft Touch With Silestone Suede Finish Hard Surface, Soft Touch With Silestone Suede Finish

Cut the glare with a matte finish and--bonus!--no fingerprints, with Silestone's new finish for quartz. Read more

Low-VOC? Trust but Verify

Despite putting great effort into reducing the amount of volatile organic compounds├│VOCs├│in their products, adhesive and coating manufacturers are still facing an emerging national standard on VOC content that could hold them to the strictest of standards. Read more

Tile Trends Tile Trends

Color, pattern, and texture mark popular new options in tile. Read more

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