The odds of a contractor finding a half-million dollars of currency behind a client's wall are slim, unless you're Bob Kitts of Cleveland, who did just that this past December. Unfortunately, that story looks like it will end in a legal battle between contractor and client.

But you can make hidden treasure a happy reality for clients — and future owners of a home — with a time capsule.

Jon Levy, owner of Builders Integrity Group in Naples, Fla., had a special place in his heart for a recent job: his company's largest-ever residential project at $700,000; a 1,700-square-foot home expanded to 4,100 square feet, which includes a new second story, a swimming pool and lanai, and a complete interior remodel.

“It was such a dramatic change,” says Levy, who wanted someone seeing the end result to be able to imagine the home's transformation. Inside a plastic Ziploc bag, Levy placed plans; photos of the home before the remodel; pictures of the clients' children, and notes from them about the construction process; the front page of the local newspaper; and his own business card.

The clients loved the idea and let Levy put the capsule in an interior wall cavity and cover it over. Levy marked the capsule's location on the as-built plans.

“It will be neat to be the remodeler on this house 20 years from now finding this,” says Levy, who's going to make the time capsules standard practice for his company.