For hanging straight cabinets on a long or high wall, remodeler Gary Moffie now uses engineered studs in the wall. The president of The Remodeling Company in Beverly, Mass., says he's had issues with standard studs. "The demand has been so high that the lumber is not dry enough and starts to twist as it dries," he says. So when he had to install cabinets in a kitchen with a cathedral ceiling, he decided to try TimberStrand engineered studs by Weyerhaeuser.

Moffie says walls built of engineered studs are flat and even and the cabinets hang better. Because the studs are three times the cost of standard studs, he only uses them when he has a long run of cabinetry or ceilings over 8 feet high. For a $100,000 kitchen renovation, the $500 additional cost is insignificant, Moffie says.